Winter Fairy-Tale 3-day snowmobile tour in Kronotsky reserve

This snowmobile trip takes place across the ridges, volcanoes, rivers, and thermal springs with views of local flora and wild animals. The itinerary: ⠀

Taezhny village. The 410 km way to the village is by car, between the Sredinny and Vostochny ridges and the largest local Kamchatka River⠀

Ipuin Frontier. The beginning of the Kronotsky Nature Reserve. 60 km by snowmobile from Taezhny village Ipuin ⠀

Kipelye Frontier. Accommodation in a heated guest house with views of the active Kizimen volcano. Outdoor spa springs and a sauna! 11 km by snowmobile from Ipuin to Kipelye⠀

Tumroki Lodge. The drive to the lodge passes through the Shchapinsky spruce forests – pristine woodland that is under the threat of extinction. Near the lodge, there are Tumroki springs that have a different water composition unlike the Kipelye springs despite the relatively close location. ⠀

One may spot wild animals along the route such as a fox, a white hare, wood grouses, elks, and sables. ⠀⠀

Tour price: 35,000 RUB per person for large groups from 10 persons and 50,000 RUB per person for small groups from 2 persons

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