The Whale Season sea trip

This is a 5-day summer yacht trip across Avacha and Kronotsky bays.

Transport and accommodation: 50 ft. comfortable sailing yacht (6 to 7 people on board)

During this sea trip, you will see wild sea and land animals, including seals, sea lions, whales, killer whales, and brown bears.

Day 1: Departure from the hotel to the Mooring Tin yacht club, accommodation on a sailing yacht. Safety briefing on board before we depart.

You will see the famous Three Brothers rocks, the picturesque coast of Avacha Bay with the splendid views of local volcanoes, and will learn the basics of yacht sailing. We will go around Cape Shipunsky, frequented by killer whales, and will arrive at Morzhovaya Bay. Night on anchor.

Day 2: Breakfast, then we disembark for a walk along the bay. Next, we embark on our ship and sail along Kronotsky Bay to Olga Bay. Kronotsky Bay is the main feeding area for gray whales, where we are likely to have a wonderful opportunity to observe some of the largest animals on earth in their natural habitat. By night, we will arrive at Olga Bay where we will settle down for the night.

Day 3: In the morning, we will disembark for a guided tour in Kronotsky Nature Reserve with its unique flora and fauna. We will do some recreational fishing. You will also be able to watch brown bears from a safe distance. At night, we will have a campfire time.

Day 4: After breakfast, we will go to Kozlov Stone, the only rookery of sea lions and fur seals in Kamchatka. By night, we will be heading towards Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Day 5: We spend the whole day sailing and arrive at the city by night. Transfer to the hotel and rest.

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