The Valley of Geysers - the Uzon volcano caldera

We will depart from Avachinsky airport to the Valley of Geysers. We will fly over active volcanoes, the Karymsky volcano and the Maly Semyachik volcano with the Acidic Lake inside (flight time – 1 hour 15 minutes).

We will land at the Valley of Geysers. 5-10 minutes for rest and toilet, then

2-hour guided trail along the 5th, 6th and 7th sections of the Valley of Geysers.

In the 5th section, travelers will watch eruptions of Geyser Maly (Small) and spring Malaya Pechka (Small Oven). The Bolshoy Geyser (Big) erupts every 2 hours presenting a wonderful opportunity for the travelers to watch the show.

In the 6th section, the travelers will watch eruptions of spring Malakhitovy Grot (Malachite Grotto), spring Averi, Geyser Novy Fontan (New Fountain), Geyser Fontan (Fountain), Geyser Nepostoyanny (Unsteady), and Geyser Dvoinoy (Double). Travelers might also see the eruptions of Geysers Shchel (Slot), Velikan (Giant), and Zhemchuzhny (Pearl) – they have rather long cycles, e.g. Shchel erupts every 30 min., Giant erupts every 4 to 10 hours, Pearl erupts every 4 to 5 hours. As to Geyser Grot (Grotto), it erupts once in several years. According to statistics, only 2 of 10 groups of travelers are lucky to see eruptions of these geysers.

Flight to the Uzon volcano caldera

A trail along the Eastern thermal field (1 hour). Bannoye Lake (sulfuric), cauldrons with hot water, springs with colonies of thionic bacteria (taking part in the process of sulfuric acid formation). Khloridnoye Lake (consists of chloride and sodium, includes sulfuric beach), clayey volcanoes, and mud cauldronsthe Sculpture cauldron.

The flight along the Zhupanova River or to Nalycheva Valey, lunch in the tourist centre.

Departure to Avachinsky airport (flight time – 35 minutes).

Available from the second half of June until the end of September.

Tour price: 46,000 RUB per person

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