Boat trip around Avacha Bay with sea fishing and fish soup

To watch sea birds and mammals, go to Starichkov Island (5-6 hours). This tour is a unique opportunity to see the fascinating surroundings of Petropavlovsk from the sea, to explore the shores of the Avacha Bay and to watch colonies of seabirds in their natural habitat.

A boat trip out into the bay is a very relaxing way of time-spending with enjoyable views of Petropavlovsk city and its impressive volcanoes. Departing from a pier, the expanse of the hilly city soon falls into perspective. Further toward the middle of the bay, Koryaksky and Avacha volcanoes come into view behind the city. When Avacha erupted in 1991, people living in Petropavlovsk saw the red stream of lava coming down the slope towards the city with hot ashes shooting into the sky above the summit crater.

Avacha Bay is geographically as convenient as a city could hope for. It is large and deep, with a narrow opening that keeps out bad weather and ice. The harbor is open to shipping throughout the year and is also well protected from the dreaded tsunami waves that are created by earthquakes around the Pacific Ocean margin. Our boat will head toward the mouth of the bay, allowing views of the northwest side of Petropavlovsk and the many boats that find their home in these ports. Near the mouth of the bay, travelers will see the Three Brothers, tall finger-like sea stacks whose rock faces rise vertically out of the water. The cliffs around the bay house many colonies of wild seabirds including puffins among many others.

Tour price: 7,000 RUB per person

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