Berthing Services

The yacht club water area has safe berthing facilities that accommodate up to 50 yachts.

The maximum dimensions of vessels allowed:
length – 20 meters
width – 7 meters
draft limit – up to 5 meters.

One-sided (VIP class) and double-sided (economy class) parking are available.

The berths are equipped with mooring devices, video surveillance system, shore power connection and provide a fresh water supply. We can launch and raise the vessel on a trailer using our tractor or crane, as well as deliver the trailer storage services for you. If necessary, the customers can ask for the captain or coastal sailor (mooring assistance) support or seek for a technical advice when onboard.


Avacha Bay is a joint-based port for the Navy and civilian vessels. When entering the harbor, in addition to a visa, coordination with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the border control authorities is necessary. To obtain this approval, you must contact us at least 1 month in advance.
The cost of the agency service is $100.
If you intend to travel with repeated entry / exit from the territorial waters of the Russian Federation, the 12 mile zone (for example: the Kuril Islands or the Northern Sea Route), you must contact us at least 2 months in advance.
Agency service cost from $200


Keep in constant contact with your agent as you begin the passage to Petropavlosk-Kamchatsky. You will be advised of an exact time to be at the Pilot Station.Once there, call the Coast Guard on VHF Channel 12, (call sign VOSKHOD). Where entering in Avacha Bay, call Port Control on VHF Channel 16 (call sign Petropavlovsk 49: say as “Petropavlovsk sorok devyat”) for permission to enter the harbor and go to the Customs dock. In the event of a delay or failure to obtain an entry permit, you must be in the area 52 ° 50.7’N, 158 ° 44.3’E, awaiting entry permission. The Customs dock is located in the MarinTrade port. Here, your agent will immediately meet your boat with customs, immigration and police personnel. Fly the Russian courtesy flag and the Q flag. After the paperwork is completed, call Port Control and request permission to move to the yacht harbor. The Port Control operator may not speak fluent English.
All yachts, even if coming from another Russian port, must follow this procedure and complete formalities before going on to the marina.
Departure procedures must be conducted as well.


The price of parking for yachts and speedboats in high season is indicated in linear meters per month.

The price includes guarded water parking, shore power connection, provision of a fresh water supply, mooring assistance and the trailers’ storage.

May 1 — November 1

Economy class
1100 ₽ / linear meter
VIP class
2200 ₽ / linear meter
Off-site (coastal zone) parking *
700 ₽ / linear meter
* includes secure parking

Parking Map

Parking Map
Coastal zone
2,200 ₽ / linear meter
Economy class zone
2,200 ₽ / linear meter
VIP class zone
2,200 ₽ / linear meter